Can pregnant women drink coconut water? 

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Coconut water and many beliefs about pregnant women. Some people believe that if a pregnant woman drinks coconut water, it can cause a miscarriage. But some people say that if mothers drink coconut water while pregnant, it will help the baby to be born with clear, white skin. Becoming curious about the benefits of drinking coconut water while pregnant.

Coconut water is rich in many nutrients. both vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body But many people are still unsure whether coconut water is still beneficial to mothers or is it harmful during pregnancy. Let’s look at the facts about coconut water and pregnant women from this ทางเข้า ufabet.

Coconut water is a natural, fat-free drink. Especially young coconut water has many minerals, such as minerals that help replenish electrolytes. and vitamins help strengthen the immune system This helps improve health and strengthen the immune system. It also works great as a summer drink. To replace electrolytes when excessive sweating occurs or in the case of lack of water.

The important thing is! Pregnant women must be especially careful. During the first trimester Drinking coconut water should be limit due to hormonal changes in the body and the health of the fetus is still unstable. Coconut water has cooling properties and cools the body. Therefore causing low blood pressure easily and weakens the tendons and muscles of the mother It can even cause severe bloating and morning sickness.

From the 4th month onwards, pregnant women should drink young coconut water squeeze from coconuts without added sugar. But you must drink no more than 2 glasses per day and avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Or 30 minutes before a meal, you should divide it into several small glasses. Avoid drinking all at once.

Pregnant women should not drink coconut water in the evening. This is because low outside temperatures affect the health of mothers and children. And you shouldn’t drink coconut water before going to bed. Because it will cause pain to urinate. Affects sleep You should also not eat foods that are high in sugar or starch. After drinking a lot of coconut water.

It is also recommend that you do not increase the amount of coconut water you drink during hot weather. The reason is excessive or prolong drinking. It will cause blood sugar and potassium to increase. excess amniotic fluid and the weight of the fetus increases too much The same is true if the mother is at risk for diabetes.