How to preserve food To last a long time.

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Preserve food means a method of extending the life of food to keep it longer and to have nutritional quality similar to the original and not easily spoiled. Food preservation is the process of processing food. Control and keep food fresh and unchanged by destroying microorganisms. There are many methods of preserving food, including: Choosing food that has little microbial contamination Spinning or filtering removes microorganisms in food. Preserving food in airtight and airtight containers.

For anyone who is interest in preserving food. But I still don’t know what we should start with. สมัคร ufabet, let’s learn how to preserve food in various forms together.

Pickling: Many people are familiar with this method of food preservation. By preserving food in this way, it can be done with fruits, vegetables, and some fresh foods. Therefore, who likes to eat pickled food? Or you already like this type of food menu? You can follow along.

Crystallization: Preservation by freezing method It must be said that preserving food using this method uses a lot of sugar. Most of the time, it is more popular to preserve fruits that have sour or bitter tastes, such as guava, mango, and tamarind, etc.

Chilling/Freezing: Preserving food that is often done It is the process of refrigerating raw materials or, simply put, it is preserving food by using cold as the main principle. It must be said that preserving food in this way is one of the tools that will help preserve food for a long time as well.

Drying: The next important thing about food preservation is How to dry By preserving food in this way We will take the raw materials to dry in the sun. Then slowly put the container in for storage. To eat in the following days, popular foods that are often cook include drie squid, sun-dried pork, drie bananas, etc.

Fumigation: One of the next interesting methods of food preservation is smoking. In this method of food preservation, the raw materials are grill. Or smoked first Then put the raw materials into a container. So that we can eat in the future.

Stirring:  Let’s look at another method of food preservation, which is stirring. This method is mostly use with fruit ingredients such as pineapples, mangos, and pumpkins, etc. Therefore, anyone who likes stirred fruit already. We may bring such fruit. You can come and stir things up.