Dietary supplements, vitamins, eye care, are they real?

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Dietary supplements, vitamins, eye care, are they real?

However, if talking about other eye diseases Non-cataract and glaucoma have research reports that are being studied. and looks promising is eating omega-3 to help patients with dry eye syndrome or defective tears It was reported that “If used as an aid Some eye care patients with dry eye disease will feel more comfortable and less red.

For cataracts and glaucoma, manufacturers may avoid using the word “may.”. For example, it may help delay cataracts. It may help vision, it may help promote eye health. But there is no reliable research confirming that. Which vitamins can help improve vision?

change behavior reduce the risk of eye disease

Although cataracts and glaucoma cannot identifie clearly. But also risky behaviors that can cause cataracts, glaucoma and other eye-related diseases as well.

Assoc. Prof. Manchima Makornwatana or Dr. Nan from the website stated. That smoking is a risk factor for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes, diabetes, retinopathy or iritis . By people who smoke have a risk of cataracts 2-3 times more than normal people. In addition, cigarette smoke also damages the eye health of those around them.

In addition, Dr. Nawat Wattanachai also stated that wearing sunglasses when outdoors eat nutritious food especially fruits and vegetables of different colors By always changing the type of food to be varied (or may take vitamin B complex in those.

Who cannot eat fruits and vegetables) to prevent and eye care control congenital disease well Diseases that cause common eye problems are diabetes, high blood pressure, and if there is an abnormality with the eyes. Should consult an ophthalmologist immediately. Don’t just buy drugs or vitamin supplements to take by yourself. for the doctor to detect the real cause and continue to treat at the next point. Report from