Vitamins, dietary supplements, nourishment – can it really

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Vitamins, dietary supplements, nourishment – can it really cure diseases related to “eyes”?

In addition, women interest in taking food supplements. And vitamins for the beauty of the skin There will be another group. That is the main target of supplement manufacturers. and various vitamins, that is, the elderly who is a group with wealth And most importantly, there are concerns about health because it is at this age that the disease began to surround itself.

eye health problems is the top problem of the elderly who started to have cloudy eyes blurry vision Others may fear cataracts, glaucoma, and other conditions. Therefore, eye nourishing supplements began to sold everywhere, both in various stalls and online.

However, like many skin care supplements or weight loss pills, these vitamins will help nourish the eyes. Or can it really help treat eye-related diseases? We have an answer from Dr. Nawat Wattanachai, a professor at the Department of Ophthalmology. Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University and from Facebook Eye Health by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand All About Eye by RCOPT.

Vitamins treat cataracts, glaucoma?

First of all, you have to look at what is the cause of cataracts and glaucoma. Most cataracts and glaucoma are cause by the deterioration of the body. Especially the optic nerve terminals. That have destroyed over time without specific causes and external factors. 

And most patients do not know. That they are suffering from these diseases. because it is a disease that has no symptoms and tends to found in younger people Especially the working age group aged 30 years and over.

Although the treatment of cataracts. And glaucoma in the early stages Eye drops, oral medications, and injections are use to help. But to say that cataracts and glaucoma can be cured by taking supplements or vitamins, the answer is “it’s not true”. or vitamins.

That claim that after taking it will make the eyes see clearly or recover from existing eye disease can’t possible Because every disease Need protection and treatment with specific methods or something cannot be prevented There is only treatment with specific methods for that disease. Report from ufabet