Hansi Flick has blamed his players.

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Germany head coach Hansi Flick has blamed his football players for not bringing what the training has to offer.

Iron Eagles beat Italy with a 1-1 scoreline in the Nations League A Group 3 battle on Saturday night. causing both sides to share points in the starting game

“We started the game well. and then loses its direction after 15-20 minutes,” said the 57-year-old trainer.

“Italy played well and we made a lot of mistakes in the setting. We lack seriousness and strong defense. These are areas we need to develop so we can do better on Tuesday. We don’t use what we have practiced. And that’s not the first time it’s happened.

“Italy are further apart than the archipelago and are training better than we expected. It’s good that we equalized right away.UFABET 

“It’s clear that the Nations League always gives you a strong team. Today, our performance is not good if measured by normal. We can and must do better. We lack the seriousness and precision we have on a regular basis.

“Italy is a country that lives and breathes football. We defended strong, I respect Mancini and the way his Italian team play at the Euros, we all go slowly. Because Italian football fans are looking at the direction of their play in that list.

“The Azzurri has everything they need to recover and restructure to another important era.”Hansi Flick