Kimmick pointed out that the Eagles were underperforming.

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Germany midfielder Joshua Kimmick admits his team’s playing capacity is underperforming. and encourages to reduce mistakes in the next football game.

Iron Eagles beat Italy with a 1-1 scoreline in the Nations League A Group 3 battle on Saturday night. causing both sides to share points in the starting game.

After the game in Bologna The midfielder under the Bayern Munich club revealed that the result of the match was disappointing. UFABET Especially the team’s performance is much lower than expected.

“It doesn’t matter if the outcome is fair or not. But it’s definitely not good enough for us,” Kimmick said.

“Today we want to win, we know Italy is making a lot of changes. So we want to win here. But we didn’t succeed. We don’t produce our own products on the field. Maybe it’s from the humidity. which we are not familiar with

“We don’t play our own game. Not playing as seriously as we normally can. We have to be more calm in the England game and not make too many mistakes.”

Joshua Kimmich  for his performances for the national team started in 2011 playing at the youth national team. Under 17 years   , 2013, under 18 years , 2013-2014, under 19 years , 2014-2015, under 21, played more than 14 times, playing in the German national team The first team got the opportunity to play for the national team for the first time in 2016, playing more than 38 times, playing style as a good player. have all-round skills Excellent ball possession is therefore an important force of the national team