Real Madrid boss reveals a game plan that is no different from the first game.

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Real Madrid will use the same formation as their first football game in Madrid last week for Wednesday’s trip to Manchester City.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti revealed that. Facing Manchester City in the Champions League. The second leg of Wednesday’s semi-final. The Whites’ tactics remain the same as in the first leg. Where both teams drew 1-1. According to reports from Marca on Tuesday. 

‘The plan is still the same. is trying to get the best out of our team both individually and collectively It will take a lot of effort. We did better in the first game. Something we can do better after reviewing the competition’

Ancelotti also spoke about the legacy he will leave behind at Real Madrid: ‘This is my fourth year at this club. What can I say? I enjoy it and enjoy it every day. That’s an heirloom.’UFABET 

‘to get the best out of the team we have done We are close to doing something very important this year. We are very excited. But I think the difficulties help us get the best out of this team.’

When asked about the possibility of starting Antonio Rudiger, who played well in the first game, especially against Manchester City striker Erling Haaland. 

‘I think it’s a misunderstanding about Rudiger, I said he can start like everyone else. You misunderstood me, I’m sorry, I thought you were talking about Rodrigo,’ Ancelotti clarified.

‘That said, I was lucky to have all the players available. It makes it more difficult to pick a lineup. I have a very clear idea. If we win I set up right, if not I’m wrong, the starting lineup is in my head.’